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Fake FAQs

Q: is this for real?

A: Yes

Q:  is this a tongue-in-cheek artwork addressing the notions of philanthropy and ethical consumption under late capitalism, the ubiquitous aesthetic of contemporary art/design/fashion, the archetype of the starving artist, and the patron-artist relationship?

A: Yes

Q: is this lovingly facetious?

A: Yes

Q: is this earnest?

A: Yes

Q: when will I get my free shirt?

A: When your wealthier designer, creative-entrepreneurial, curator, collector friends buy one

Q: what are your labor practices?

A: All Artist Uniforms are made in Portland, Oregon, by the artist behind this project, Jea Alford

Q: what do I do if I have a real question?

A: Your questions, inquiries, thoughts, feelings, and feedback are welcome. Email us at artistuniforms@gmail.com

Q: I’m an artist! How can I receive a free Uniform?

A: Sign up carefully observing all the form’s instructions

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